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7 ways to celebrate Easter during lockdown

7 ways to celebrate Easter during lockdown

1.Try a different kind of easter egg hunt

What’s easter without an egg hunt! Make a treasure map to find easter eggs - mark hidden chocolates on the map and everyone has to find them. Be creative with hiding places if you have limited space - how about in the cutlery drawer or behind a pillow?

2. Mouthwatering recipes to try in the kitchen

Everyone’s a baker in lockdown … apparently shops can’t keep up with the demand for flour and yeast - so spread your baking wings and try your own hot X buns and easter eggs or if you feel like something a little different, some hot cross bun bread.

3.Get crafty

Craft ideas abound for Easter - bunnies, eggs, baskets, pinatas, costumes, take your pick - pinterest is your friend.

4. Try some new games

Guess the number of jelly beans, Easter egg basketball, scrabble or bananagrams with all-Easter themes. If you haven’t run out of lockdown champagne, then pin the tail on the easter bunny could be fun for the adults - the winner gets an egg or a big bar of chocolate. Then there are some great online escape games - like this pirate game, or for the Harry Potter fans - a Hogwarts Digital Escape room.

5. Do some day dreaming and travel a little

Do a little day-dreaming about where you can travel when we’re all allowed out again - and even if you don’t get there, you can still go for the virtual tour - to Patagonia for instance, or Lapland to see the northern lights. Let us know if you find any other beauties!

6. Build a pasta bridge

For kids and adults alike, there are some great “engineering” challenges from the Dyson Foundation here - using simple items from your home, like pasta!

6. Try Kareoke

If you’ve never tried it before, now is the time. Try an app if you’d like, or just use an online service and get singing along - in your household or on zoom or hangouts.

7. Netflix and chill

This one should need no explanation - the best part of a weekend!

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