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Funeral Insurance

Losing a loved one is hard to bear, and the financial burden of providing them with a dignified and memorable burial makes it even harder. Funeral Insurance helps to cover the cost of the funeral, and allows the family to mourn without worrying about the expenses of saying goodbye.

Funeral Cover

Funeral Cover is a specialized kind of Life Insurance. The benefit is typically lower than standard life cover, and more expensive, but it is paid soon after the insurer learns of the death. This means it can be available to cover the costs of the funeral, where life insurance might pay out too late. Funeral plans also often cover more than one life in a single policy, for example an entire family can be covered with a single premium.

Simply Funeral

The amount of cover you select (up to the maximum of R50,000) will be paid if you or any of your family members covered under the policy die. You can cover yourself, your spouse, and any number of children under the age of 21. You can also add new children later (any number of children under the age of 21). The benefits are defined as follows:

Main member or spouse 100% of cover
Child aged 14-21 100% of cover
Child aged 6-14 50% of cover
Child aged 0-6 50% of cover (maximum R10,000)

The benefit will be paid out within 24 hours of receiving all the claim information we need. The policy does not terminate on the death of your spouse or children. If you die, your spouse and children will continue to be covered for a further 6 months at no cost.

Benefits sold after 25/06/2017 also include a body repatriation service, which covers the cost of transporting the deceased’s body to the place of burial (within South Africa only), and provides other funeral support services (up to a limit of R15,000 in value per policy per year). None of these services can be exchanged for cash. For existing customers, please check your policy document to see if you have this additional service. This service is not available on our Group Cover product.

Only family members who are resident in South Africa can be covered under our Family Funeral Plan, and children are only covered until they turn 21.

The underwriter of this policy is Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited (OMART) a registered long-term insurer.

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